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SA tech solutions firm Breakpoint looks to champion cloud for Nutanix

Breakpoint, a South African technology solutions provider focused on monitoring and testing of automation solutions for enterprise, has been named a Nutanix Cloud Champion partner, which is the highest level of partnership in the Nutanix Elevate Reseller Partner Programme.

“We have made a substantial investment in Nutanix sales and technical competency training to attain this status. It reflects not only our trust in Nutanix technology, but also our trust in the value of strategic partnerships. Becoming a Nutanix Cloud Champion partner means our engagement with customers is based on a real understanding of their requirements and the ability to execute using the full Nutanix product portfolio,” said Digby Webb, portfolio manager and director at Breakpoint.

To attain Cloud Champion partner status, Breakpoint had to ensure that the required number of sales, technical, and services personnel had completed relevant Nutanix product training and passed the certification exams. As part of this, the Breakpoint sales and technical personnel must stay current with the various product and solution training when updates are made available.

“We are also committed to achieving joint sales targets together. Of course, the incentives and rebates provided to Nutanix Cloud Champion partners also enable us to increase profits, revenues, and margins while closing business faster,” said Webb.

The companies added that this status will see Breakpoint focus specifically on the retail, financial services, telecommunications, and mobile network operator space.

“Breakpoint has been aligned with various technologies over the years providing the organisation with an innate understanding of why Nutanix is challenging the traditional way of doing things. We have a clear vision of the role it will play in the future and believe our product training and commitment to the Nutanix Elevate Reseller programme is bolstered by multiple significant real-life customer engagements and successful implementations,” said Webb.

According to Webb, Breakpoint chose Nutanix because it is the market leader for hyperconverged infrastructure software and provides partners with the highest levels of support.

“Nutanix technology can modernise both the datacentre and remote sites. It can easily move applications and data among private, public, and edge clouds for a true hybrid multi-cloud experience. Additionally, Nutanix can run applications and workloads with unparalleled availability, performance, and simplicity - all through a user-friendly, integrated, and secure platform,” said Webb.

Fatima Mkandla, Channel Sales Manager, Nutanix South Africa.
Fatima Mkandla, Channel Sales Manager, Nutanix South Africa.

Fatima Mkandla, Channel Sales Manager, Nutanix South Africa: “Nutanix invests in its partners to help them capitalise on the modern cloud era opportunity, enjoy predictable profits and work with us - friction free. The Nutanix Cloud Champion partners have the utmost expertise in Nutanix technologies to create an enabling environment for customers. Breakpoint has demonstrated an unrelenting commitment to ensuring its sales, technical, and service delivery competencies reflect the high global standard to deliver the most relevant cloud solutions for today’s modern enterprises.”

Tenacious approach

In November 2021 Nutanix affirmed that its meticulous, careful approach to partnerships as well as a solid grasp of the nuances of Africa’s diverse market has helped it entrench its value proposition.

ITWeb Africa quoted Babatunde Abagun, Channel Sales Manager West, East & Central Africa at Nutanix Sub-Saharan Africa, as saying, “When we started in Africa, we were perceived as a startup. There were also misconceptions about our business, and these ranged from Nutanix being a storage company or simply another hypervisor. Some even suggested that the business would eventually be acquired by someone else.”

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