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Bahrain, Egypt and Qatar lead in DCB ratings

Mobile security specialist Evina, together with Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) implementation experts at Telecoming, has developed the first DCB Index, a rating system designed to provide market players with a comprehensive overview of the current state of the DCB business in MEA and its overall potential.

The Index, which is one of the objectives outlined by the companies when they committed to an alliance in April this year, focuses on fraud protection, mobile payments innovation, DCB penetration levels, and DCB growth potential.

It establishes a ranking based on the score achieved by each country. It is presented on a scale from 1 to 5, with 1 as the lowest indicator and 5 being the most advanced pointer.

According to the results, Bahrain, Egypt, and Qatar lead the list.

The analysis shows that Bahrain (3,7) stands out for its extensive DCB protection against fraud. The country shows full support for DCB, seeing that all local mobile operators have implemented this payment technology, yet innovation remains a weak point to develop.

Local mobile operators and merchants are working together to promote DCB as an effective payment method in Egypt (3,3).

Evina and Telecoming say it’s a true breeding ground for the development of DCB, and efforts must continue to strengthen DCB protection to realise its full potential.

Forward-thinking MNOs have enabled in-app purchases in Qatar (3,2). Its overall innovative approach to mobile payments, such as paying employees via mobile money, demonstrates the country’s predisposition to implement new uses of DCB, the companies add.

According to the Index, mobile payment partnerships centred around DCB are growing in Kenya, while Morocco shows ample room for growth in DCB Innovation.

South Africa has a high DCB uptake but has had to deal with fraudulent mobile payment attempts. Hence, increased protection is vital for the sustainable development of DCB as an easy and reliable payment method in the region.

According to Roberto Monge, COO of Telecoming, "DCB has been gaining presence in the region's digital economy. This innovative indicator shows that many countries are on the right track. Technology is already in place, but there are still some challenges to face. All the payments tech industry players need to work together to develop a new, reliable, secure and stable mobile economy that benefits the whole market.”

David Lotfi, Founder and CEO of Evina, states, “The DCB Index indicates that fraud on DCB remains as a top barrier to countries maximising the potential of direct carrier billing. These findings strongly suggest that anti-fraud measures need to be more extensively and consistently implemented so that DCB becomes not only a widely used effortless payment method but a source of greater revenue for mobile players.”

Earlier in the year, Evina and Telecoming signed a global alliance to promote DCB and believe it deals a body blow to mobile fraud that cost Africa over US$4-billion in 2020 and is predicted to cost over US$5-billion in 2021.

They assert that DCB is the most suitable for millions of unbanked Africans.

The alliance wants to showcase the value of DCB via a DCBMaster service that allows users to measure their exposure to fraud, as well as their market and regulations knowledge.

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