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  • Manage your life with HUAWEI Assistant.TODAY your personalised smart virtual assistant
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Manage your life with HUAWEI Assistant.TODAY your personalised smart virtual assistant

We all know what a mission it is to keep track of our increasingly packed schedules. Returning to work, school activities just about back to normal, an influx of meetings and knowing what’s on the grocery list for supper can often require military-level logistics thanks to HUAWEI Assistant.TODAY, you can ease off the pedal a bit and let this handy artificial intelligence (AI) assistant save the day. Every aspect of this service can be customised and even better, the AI learns from your behaviour. This means it can provide recommendations and tips based on your likes and dislikes.

Forget me not

HUAWEI Assistant.TODAY provides you with a level of intelligence you’ve yet to encounter on a smart device. Now you’ll have all the day’s most relevant information integrated into one screen. The only problem is, there’s nobody to blame if you don’t remember the milk. Fortunately, your Huawei Assistant.TODAY will be there to remind you of this and so much more.

Even better, the AI tips provide expert recommendations based on how you use your device. Don’t worry about wading through pages of apps to find the one for you. Your HUAWEI Assistant.TODAY will point you in the right direction through sleek-looking smart information cards.

So whether it is sending you a score update on your favourite sports team or alerting you of a traffic light out of order on the way to your next meeting, your HUAWEI Assistant.TODAY has you covered. You’ll even get fair warnings on late afternoon thunderstorms, any missed calls you might have, and the amount of mobile data you’ve used.

All of this and more is available just by quickly glancing at the screen. Flight numbers, hotel bookings, car hire, the list goes on. There’s nothing the HUAWEI Assistant.TODAY won’t be able to take care of.

And with HUAWEI Assistant.TODAY also integrating into your emails, calendar and even online shopping apps, you’ll have all the relevant shortcuts at your fingertips.

Everything at your finger tips

The HUAWEI AssistantTODAY app comes preloaded on most of Huawei’s new smartphones and is supported on several of the older model smartphones as well. Click here to download the HUAWEI Assistant.TODAY and transform your connected experience.

To read more about the HUAWEI Assistant.TODAY that will change the way you approach your digital lifestyle, head on over to the official site here.

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