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Gabon implements new visa management system

Gabon implements new visa management system

Gabon's Department of Homeland Security DGDI has selected global digital security firm Gemalto to supply and implement a fully integrated border and visa management system.

In an announcement Gemalto says the new system is designed to "strengthen national security, improve operational efficiency and enhance the traveling experience for people entering and leaving the Central African state."

The visa management system is said to simplify and speed up the issuance of visas, e-Visas and resident permits.

According to Gemalto this suite of applications was used to create Gabon's e-Visa portal service in July enabling visitors to use the Internet to apply for a visa to enter the country. Once the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) is delivered, the visa is issued at Libreville International Airport upon arrival.

The company adds that the solution is built around the centralised, back-office Coesys Visa and Border Management System. "This supports automation of queries to databases - such as Interpol's - that alert authorities to potential threats and risks. In addition, the Automated Border Control kiosks now offer travellers rapid, 'self-service' passport checks at the country's main airport which handles around one million passengers annually."

The Border Intelligence module uses the data mined at the border. It offers investigation tools for discovering new risk patterns, with a highly intuitive "clicking" process. Its reporting app also provides valuable information to drive tourism and prioritise national investment efforts.

"Gemalto's solution puts us in control of a secure and adaptable integrated border management system that is field-proven. It also helps expedite the border clearance process, cutting wait times and improving the customs experience for travellers," said General Celestin Embinga, General Manager of DGDI, Gabon's Department of Homeland Security. "In addition, Gemalto's speed and commitment are tangible: our new e-Visa service was defined and implemented within 14 weeks."

"We take pride in helping Gabon's authorities improve border security and traveller satisfaction," said Ari Bouzbib, Senior Vice President of Government Programs at Gemalto. "We also combine local resources and international expertise in partnership with government bodies. This is precisely what is appreciated by our growing number of customers in Africa."

In November 2015 Gemalto worked with Guinea's National Independent Electoral Commission CENI to modernise its voter register. The project included the use of 2,500 units of a portable biometric citizen registration kit.

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