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On the cusp of fashion

On the cusp of fashion

The latest all-in-one touch technology units from Elo TouchSystems will revolutionise the point of sale experience: a single, sleek unit now replaces the often cumbersome assemblage of different components required of a POS system. Here the computer and touch monitor are combined into one fanless desktop unit which runs silently and discretely but without sacrificing the rugged, spill-resistant features which make Elo products so appealing to the hospitality trade worldwide.

The first of these Elo 1529L "touch computer" units to enter the South African market were imported by Tactile Technologies, the sole distributor of Elo products in the sub-continent, and unveiled with the opening of the trendy new Fashion TV Café in Sandton, Johannesburg, in November 2005. Eight units are distributed around the café, servicing the reception, waiters` stations and bars.

Fashion TV Café, also the first of its kind in South Africa, was opened under licence from the popular Fashion TV, broadcasting out of Paris to 130 different countries worldwide. The venue needed a POS system that was in keeping with the café`s stylish décor and image.

"This Elo POS system is aesthetically great. It looks good, it`s neat and compact, and fits into our décor. Fashion TV Cafe`s choice of Aloha Table Service combined with the Elo Touch Computers has made restaurant operations seamless," says Carlo Trenti, co-owner of Fashion TV Café.

The Elo 1529 Touch Computer comes with a 15-inch LCD monitor with the option of a customer display and magnetic strip reader.

The base is stable, tilts and is removable or reversible for wall mounting. Cables are hidden from view and various methods of connectivity are available. The Touch Computer takes very little space as the CPU is integrated into the monitor head.

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Tactile Technologies is the sole distributor of Elo TouchSystems touch-screen technology in the southern African region (including islands).

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