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US-based Tarana expands presence across Africa

By , Freelance Investigative Journalist
Cameroon , 05 Jul 2023
Nick Ehrke, Africa lead at Tarana Wireless.
Nick Ehrke, Africa lead at Tarana Wireless.

US-based telecom services provider Tarana Wireless is building presence in Africa with Gigabit 1 (G1), the company’s wireless broadband platform.

Tarana recently signed a partnership agreement with Cambridge Broadband Networks Limited Africa (CBNLA) to serve network operators across Africa with G1.

The company develops next-generation fixed wireless access, new technology demonstrated through the G1 platform.

Tarana says the technology overcomes performance challenges that previously hindered the widespread implementation of wireless broadband solutions.

It says G1 has resilience against radio noise from other devices in sub-6GHz bands.

According to Tarana, the G1 platform enables customers to deliver dependable, high-bandwidth services.

The company says G1 is being used by over 240 service providers in 19 countries and has now set its sights on Africa.

Nick Ehrke, Africa lead at Tarana Wireless, tells ITWeb Africa: “Our customers can now deploy fixed wireless internet services that compete with fibre in the broadband market at a fraction of the time and cost that fibre would take to be deployed, without compromising on network speed, reliability or performance.

“G1 is an outcome of 13 years of hard work and more than $400 million invested in research and development.

"The result is a new broadband internet technology that solves the spectrum and capacity challenges.

“With the G1, our customers will offer reliable, high-capacity uncapped internet services providing up to 800Mbps to premises, in a fraction of the time and cost it would take to roll out fibre.”

Ehrke says G1 is a suitable alternative to traditional wireline technologies like ADSL.

He explains: “G1’s technological advancements include two true industry firsts: unprecedented interference cancellation technology, enabling our customers to provide strict quality service levels not possible before in congested unlicensed frequencies; and unprecedented non-line-of-sight (NLoS) and near-line-of-site (nLoS) capabilities, which overcome obstacles such as trees and buildings, enabling greater densification of the network, connecting more customers.”

For Gary De-Rozario, CBNLA’s head of sales, the partnership with Tarana provides a fresh path forward for customers.

He says: “G1 is a credible product for unlicensed bands, enabling operators to compete in their existing markets with reliable, improved bandwidth and also enter new markets with this unique solution.” 

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