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MTN Zambia launches new 3G, 4G phones

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Zambia , 27 Jan 2020

MTN Zambia launches new 3G, 4G phones

MTN Zambia has launched a new 3G and 4G Android smartphone to the market.

The operator has dubbed the devices 'Dandy' (4G, priced at K599) and 'Rio' (3G, priced at K299) and issued a statement explaining that the smartphones were aimed at "bridging the digital divide and deepen digital inclusion."

MTN Zambia Chief Executive Officer Bart Hofker said, "the Dandy and Rio smartphones we are introducing today will provide our customers an easy and convenient way to use Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, stream YouTube videos, send emails and access to all applications available on the android Play Store."

He said the devices will add value to the business environment and "improve the quality of life for all Zambians."

Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) director general Patrick Mutimushi said, "The 2018 National ICT Survey revealed that although penetration and usage of digital products has increased, a large portion of the population are not taking full advantage of the benefits of digital products. This is why as a regulator of the ICT sector in Zambia, we are pleased to see such strides being made by industry leaders like MTN Zambia."

According to the operator the devices operate on a standard Android OS and can support all Android applications, and come with a Google assistant pre-installed said MTN Zambia.

The phones are available in all MTN Service Centres and Connect stores and "will come with a 500MB complimentary data bundle upon purchase."

The operator made recent headlines after appointing General Manager: Enterprise Business Komba Malukutila as its Chief FinTech Officer, effective 1 February 2020.

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