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Proxynet, Samsung partner to enhance education standards in Nigeria

Nigeria , 28 Nov 2013

Proxynet, Samsung partner to enhance education standards in Nigeria

Nigerian information technology firm, Proxynet Communications, has partnered with Samsung Electronics to upgrade its school management software system.

The software system dubbed 'ProSkool' contains features that enable email to parents, correct management of staff roll, a click to view student billing status, and monitoring of student's class progress, among other new features.

Speaking at the workshop in Lagos to showcase the technology, Ifeanyi Ozo-Onyali, managing director of Proxynet Communications, said that in the contemporary Nigeria - ProSkool was no longer an option for a result focused school but a necessity.

Ozo-Onyali added that ProSkool provided a good management system to effectively manage the ever-growing school, thus simplifying school workloads.

“ProSkool is a complete school management system that has changed the DNA of many schools. It is a prescription that manages both students and staff records seamlessly, thus simplifying school management procedures,” he said.

While Proxynet provides the information management software, Samsung Electronics is providing the large format display, also known as e-Board.

Rotimi Agboola Anu, product manager at Samsung Electronics West Africa said his company was delighted to be part of a project that would redefine Nigerian schools.

He said that recent developments in display technology had opened new avenues of information sharing and presentation for education and business applications.

“Touch display technology is becoming commonplace, providing stimulating new ways to attract and hold the attention of audiences, whether in a classroom or business environment. So, we at Samsung Electronics West Africa deemed it wise to be part of the Proxynet’s project to ensure that our schools become like others. The technologies we have displayed today are well suited to support various learning and business applications,” Anu concluded.

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