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Zambia aims for 96 percent connectivity by year-end

By , Zambia Contributor
Zambia , 04 Mar 2024
Felix Mutati, Zambia's minister of science and technology.
Felix Mutati, Zambia's minister of science and technology.

The Zambian government is strengthening efforts to achieve its goal of 96% broadband access by the end of the year.

This past weekend, the administration began building of a 65-metre-high communication tower in the northern province of Muchinga, marking a significant step towards that goal.

The facility is currently under construction in the Chikala community.

Felix Mutati, minister of technology and science, officiated over the groundbreaking event.

"Government's aim is to ensure that no area is left behind in a quest to achieve the earmarked 96 percent connectivity target across the country," said the minister, adding, “The residents of Chikakala will no longer have to climb anthills in search for mobile phone networks to make and receive calls."

The minister also revealed that the government had purchased 200 computers, which will be delivered at a local primary school.

This aims to improve information technology teaching and learning activities, he said.

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