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‘Prepaid’ satellite broadband for SA’s townships

By , ITWeb
South Africa , 17 Aug 2012

‘Prepaid’ satellite broadband for SA’s townships

Township and rural entrepreneurs in South Africa could soon have access to technology called ‘Satellite Hot Spot’, connecting them to broadband on a prepaid basis.

A company called Maxwell Technology - a subsidiary of Barnstone Corporate Holdings that provides last-mile connectivity solutions - says it has launched a product called Satellite Hot Spot in the country’s rural and township areas.

Maxwell company officials say they are using the AMOS 5 satellite to provide connectivity to even the most remote areas—with only on-site satellite dishes and routers required.

The company is targeting township or rural entrepreneurs wanting to set up internet cafes, lodges and hotels situated in remote areas. Even wireless operators looking for a stable alternative or addition to their terrestrial infrastructure could use Satellite Hot Spot, says Maxwell.

Moreover , a differentiating factor with this tech is its billing model, which only charges users for the connectivity they use, similar to a prepaid model.

“This billing model is a huge innovation in the satellite business, and we are first to market in Africa,” says Shimri Lotan, the sales director of Sat-Space Africa.

“The prepaid approach was pioneered here in South Africa and, one could argue, lies behind the phenomenal growth of our mobile market,” adds Lotan.

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