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  • Infographic: Cyber security in an evolving digital landscape
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Infographic: Cyber security in an evolving digital landscape

Over the last decade, our world’s digital landscape has evolved tremendously, allowing for real-time, borderless exchange of information and communication. The technology being created is pervasive and has become an integral part of our daily activities.

From answering an e-mail at work to sharing a file over the cloud, or even adjusting your home’s thermostat on your mobile device, we're tapping into a vast cyber space with inestimable capabilities. With technology continually expanding its reach, a global crisis has emerged. Innumerable opportunities exist for individuals to become more connected, but the very devices that create these links have also exposed us to an ever-growing trend of cyber crime.

With so many potential threats, it’s vital that we understand what cyber security is, the solutions available, and how to create a strong security framework for mitigating risks and keeping us safe.

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