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Tyco Security Products adds important cybersecurity features and improved user experience to exacqVision 8.4

VMS supports HTTPS for encrypted communication.

Tyco Security Products, part of Johnson Controls, introduces the latest exacqVision VMS (8.4) release enhancing both onsite and network security with features that benefit the user, Integrator, and IT department.

exacqVision improves the operator's efficiency in finding and tracking suspects across a site with a "Click and Go" function. Using pre-defined clickable areas, the operator can click on exit points of camera scenes as the subject moves throughout the site and jump to other cameras. In 8.4 the operator can now jump to SpeedDome presets that will automatically zoom in without the need to manually select a preset; saving valuable time and effort.

As part of Tyco's continual commitment to improve the cybersecurity of its products and protect their clients' networks, exacqVision 8.4 will now safeguard and encrypt through HTTPS the important data traveling between the camera and NVR server, specifically through the Illustra and leading third party branded cameras. This protection also extends to include the Web Services of the web browsers and Exacq Mobile.

ExacqVision 8.4 improves the installation and operational efficiency of the whole security solution, through the "Complete Security Solution" by building upon the success of the Kantech access control and DSC intrusion integrations and adding additional intrusion panel integrations for Bentel Absoluta, part of the Tyco Security Products family of intrusion brands. Complete security gives the user the ability to watch images, monitor door access, lock or unlock doors, and arm or disarm alarm systems all from one PC or smartphone using exacqVision and Exacq Mobile.

"We recognise how important our user's time is. To ensure that we fit around their lives we have enhanced the management of their complete security On-the-Go by adding two-way audio support to Exacq Mobile," said Stuart Bettle, Video Product Marketing Manager, EMEA, Tyco Security Products. "With this mobile ability to view images, arm/disarm their alarm system as well as speak to those on site while going about their normal work, customers are no longer stuck behind a desk. Exacq Mobile in 8.4 gives them this power and flexibility."

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