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Xerox opens first showroom and service centre in Zambia

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Zambia , 22 May 2017

Xerox opens first showroom and service centre in Zambia

DIGIprint, the exclusive Xerox distributor in Zambia, has opened the first Xerox Showroom and Service Centre in the Southern African country.

The initiative is supported by Bytes Document Solutions (BDS), the authorised Xerox distributor in 26 sub-Saharan countries and part of the Telecommunications, Multi-Media and Information Technology (TMT) organisation of Altron, the parent holding company.

The new centre offers customers a central source to view and experience the latest in Xerox printer technology.

DIGIprint MD Christos Diakosavas says the local demand for printing is high, particularly within the area of digital printing, and competition is fierce. "The digital printing sector has proven to be competitive. We are confident in Xerox as a brand and expect to become a competitive presence in the local printing market."

"I am looking forward to a great 2017 and hope to achieve more milestones this year."

Olivier Merven regional manager - Africa operations at BDS, said, "DIGIprint has an exemplary track record in delivering customer-centric solutions throughout Zambia. The new showroom and service centre is a natural extension of this effort, and lays yet another foundation for expanding the Xerox experience in the region."

DIGIprint has been recognised by BDS as the Xerox Africa Operations Distributor of the Year in 2014, and praised for the broad range of services it offers with the Xerox brand for companies across the Zambian business spectrum.

"We deliver solutions ranging from all-in-one colour machines for small business, networkable A3 work centres for medium-size operations, and production digital presses for big business or professional printers," he says.

"To do so, we have consistently added to our skilled workforce, with a special focus on training and development so our people can deliver the consistently high level of service our customers expect."

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