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SqwidNet heightens Sigfox influence with Fidelity ADT

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South Africa , 15 Oct 2018

SqwidNet heightens Sigfox influence with Fidelity ADT

Private and commercial security services firm Fidelity ADT has chosen to partner with South African Sigfox operator SqwidNet.

According to statement issued by SqwidNet, Fidelity ADT will use Sigfox services to "improve customer experience, efficiencies and explore new markets and services, ensuring they are continuously improving for their customers."

Carel Wessels, Group Chief Technology Officer of the Fidelity Security Group, said, "Fidelity ADT offers 24/7 monitoring and armed response services for private and commercial premises in South Africa. To enable us to offer these services, we install a range of intruder alarm panels in homes and businesses across the country. The wireless communication devices that connect these intruder alarm panels to our 24/7 monitoring centres, from both a hardware and air time point of view, are a significant cost contributor to the total cost of the solution. From an air time point of view, the SqwidNet network gives us a more affordable alternative. Whilst the SqwidNet Internet of Things (IOT) network has definite price benefits, it also meets all our security requirements."

Phathizwe Malinga, Managing Director at SqwidNet, said, "Based on the SLA of 99% and the coverage beyond 85% of the population SqwidNet offers, Fidelity ADT will be able to maintain their geographical footprint across South Africa at a lower cost structure and expand on their service offering. The SqwidNet network meets the communications needs of their current and future services, while also reducing the risk of signal jamming. Additionally, it will give Fidelity ADT the opportunity to develop new services to take to new markets based on the combination of Fidelity ADT's in-house capability and skills."

Wessels added, "Now that we have SqwidNet with a fully deployed SLA driven LPWAN in South Africa, we can primarily focus on innovative solutions for our customers. The SqwidNet team's drive and support has also made it very easy for us to deploy services in parts of South Africa to test. From here we will move to a national roll out."

The latest deal comes soon after SqwidNet announced it had concluded a partnership with Discovery Insure, a subsidiary of Discovery Limited, to "drive innovation through IOT in South Africa."

SqwidNet has engaged with the Discovery Insure team and its partner Cambridge Mobile Telematics to use Sigfox technology to enhance and innovate on their IOT offerings.

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