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  • Real-time customer-agent matching saves contact centres millions: How Smartz Solutions is disrupting traditional call routing
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Real-time customer-agent matching saves contact centres millions: How Smartz Solutions is disrupting traditional call routing

Matching customer and agent.
Matching customer and agent.

Outdated systems, inefficiencies and disjointed customer-agent pairings are costing contact centres millions of dollars every year. From bad customer reviews, frustrated agents and endless money spent on disparate data, contact centres cannot offer the experiences they need to thrive. That’s why Smartz Solutions developed its pioneering tool: AID (Automatic Interaction Distribution). Finally, contact centres will have accurate customer-agent matching with real-time sentiment analysis, reporting and profile building.

AID was developed as a response to the industry's cry for more empathetic, efficient and effective customer-agent matching. By employing machine learning, sophisticated sentiment analysis and real-time data analytics, AID goes beyond conventional systems. It dives deep into each customer’s profile, sentiment and interaction history, ensuring they are matched with an agent who can truly resonate with their concerns and needs.

"The real issue isn't just about connecting a customer to any available agent. It's about understanding the intricate dynamics of human interaction, analysing past histories and ensuring that each connection is not just a call, but an experience," says James Guthrie, Founder of Smartz Solutions.

Some prevalent issues that AID solves are:

Mismatched interactions:

  • Leveraging sentiment analysis, AID delves into the nuances of customer interactions, examining both phrases and key terms to truly comprehend the sentiments behind every dialogue.
  • With the aid of in-depth profiles and instantaneous data, AID's intelligent distribution ensures that customers connect with agents with similar profiles, fine-tuning the interaction experience.
Lost customer histories:
  • Using accurate, real-time data analysis, each customer engagement is meticulously recorded and stored. With AID, all of a customer's accessible information is gathered, ensuring every agent has a rich data set for all engagements, and no previous interaction goes unnoticed.
  • Through machine learning, AID continuously crafts and refines customer profiles. These profiles, fed by accumulated data and sentiment scores, guarantee that customers are paired with agents who are able to meet their service requirements.
Operational inefficiencies:
  • AID operates in real-time, offering agents and administrators instant insights into active campaigns and queues. This ensures that agents are always equipped with the freshest and most pertinent data every time they interact with a customer, making the process efficient and streamlined.

“In an era where customer experience is the brand differentiator, the introduction of AID signifies a monumental shift in how contact centres operate. It’s not just about efficiency; it's about reshaping the entire customer-agent dynamic," adds Guthrie.

Smartz Solutions

Smartz Solutions is the disruptor reshaping the contact center landscape. Traditional legacy systems, with their entangled infrastructures and exorbitant fees, have held businesses hostage for too long. Contact centers are tired of being burdened by disjointed systems with hefty price tags and bad customer and employee experiences. We’re redefining the contact centre experience through our AI-powered 360-degree experience platform.

We’ve been there. We paid for the legacy systems. We had 15 different systems running (at a snail's pace) at once to be able to run our call centre. We know the pain of not being able to find data quickly enough (sometimes at all) to help customers. And we sure know what it’s like to have employee information in multiple systems; never showing a clear view of the business.

Losing money, opportunities and patience doesn’t have to be how you continue to run your call centre. Through a comprehensive tech stack, you will finally have your entire customer and employee experience in one place with the data and insights to make strategic decisions in real time. 

* Article first published on www.itweb.co.za

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