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Kenya launches govt project management portal to nullify 'blame game'

Kenya , 11 Apr 2017

Kenya launches govt project management portal to nullify 'blame game'

The government has launched an open data portal that showcases all the development projects it has undertaken over the past four years. was developed to address ongoing confusion and blame between stakeholders surrounding projects, by listing those initiated by national government and those under county jurisdiction.

In the portal, users can choose their county and location and track projects, as well as undertakings of government ministries.

This comes on the heels of the Connected Kenya Summit being held in Diani, Kenya, where experts have urged the government to release simplified data for the public.

Telkom Kenya Chief Technology and Information Officer, John Barorot acknowledged the government's role in releasing data to the public, but said it should be broken down to be easily used by citizens.

Speaking at the summit, acting CEO of ICT Authority, Robert Mugo, reiterated that government online platforms churn out large volumes of data that could be of value to both official and private entities.

"Government operations entails offering efficient and effective service to the public, from health to education; security to agriculture; huge data sets are gathered pertaining to patient data, school data, weather patterns, crime data and many more," Mugo said.

"The use of multiple systems and online platforms across multiple government ministries and departments that aid in rendering government services such as eCitizen, has helped us amass massive chunks of structured and unstructured data," he added.

Mugo said that the government is already working with third party and private sector partners to mine this data and ensure it creates a roadmap on how to optimise offline and online service delivery.

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