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MWC: MTN, Eseye announce IOT pact

By , ITWeb
Africa , 28 Feb 2019

MWC: MTN, Eseye announce IOT pact

Mobile network operator MTN has partnered with Eseye, a global provider of IOT services, as part of the MNO association AnyNet Federation to target services at the global Machine-to-Machine (M2M) IOT customer base.

According to a statement issued by the companies, the AnyNet Federation will initially focus on delivering "significant global growth of cellular services" onto Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.

The statement reads:"It aims to make the complex global landscape for IOT easier for AWS customers, by delivering a single cellular M2M solution that can be deployed seamlessly across major world markets."

The launch of the AnyNet Federation and its initial AWS market focus comes as Gartner forecasts that the Worldwide Public Cloud Services Market will grow by 17.3% in 2019 to total US$206.2-billion, up from US$175.8-billion in 2018; and Statista state that 80% of enterprises are both running apps on or experimenting with AWS as their preferred cloud platform.

MTN Group Enterprise Executive Oliver Fortuin said, "MTN is delighted to bring their networks across 12 markets to the support the objectives of the AnyNet Federation. We believe that through collaboration we can speed up the deployment of our customers' global IOT and enhance their global business opportunities."

Nick Earle, Eseye Chairman and chief executive officer said: 'This is a ground-breaking global collaboration. The AnyNet Federation as a key way of delivering simplified connectivity on a global scale, whilst allowing customers (to) buy and manage their connectivity from within AWS"

According to information supplied, AnyNet Federation member customers can use Eseye AnyNet Secure for AWS SIM card and leverage connectivity that integrates onto AWS IOT core and is globally scalable.

The companies explain that cellular traffic destined for AWS is passed between different AnyNet Federation partners based on the geographic location of IOT devices that are automatically provisioned and certified over-the-air.

Regardless of which AnyNet Federation partner is delivering the data, the customer is billed through their account by AWS, and the MNO is paid for the services it delivers.

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