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Angola Cables links up with France-IX with new remote peering service

Angola , 29 Aug 2017

Angola Cables links up with France-IX with new remote peering service

Angola Cables, a multinational telecommunications company, has launched a remote peering service to boost connectivity between the peering community at internet peering service provider France-IX Marseille and the peering members at its own IXP, Angonix, in the Angolan capital Luanda.

The company believes the service will strengthen links between international carrier networks, content delivery networks, social networks, cloud and IT service providers, as well as Angolan and other African ISPs peering at Angonix.

The telecoms company said this new remote peering service will reduce latency and costs for operators looking to establish themselves in sub-Saharan Africa and gain access to local markets.

It adds that the service will reduce international IP-transit costs for local ISPs and network operators as well as increase their access to French language content and services.

Darwin Costa, Product Manager at Angola Cables, said ,"Peering at France-IX Marseille and offering a remote peering service is part of the ongoing development of our network to ensure that our customers and partners have access to the latest communication technology and retain us as their ideal partner for international connectivity and high quality Internet services."

"Since joining the France-IX Marseille peering community in May of 2017, we have seen a more than threefold increase in traffic. We anticipate gaining new remote peering customers from across Africa and also from South America, once the South Atlantic Cable System is complete," he added.

Angola Cables is a partner in the development of data centres in Luanda and Fortaleza, Brazil, in the building of the SACS (South Atlantic Cable System) , which is the first in the southern hemisphere to directly connect Brazil to Africa.

When complete, this will connect to Angola Cable's European system and then later to the Middle and Far East.

Delphine Masciopinto, Chief Commercial Officer at France-IX Marseille. "In addition to being one of our newest peers in the African continent, we are thrilled to develop our partnership with Angola Cables further through our shared common goal of enhancing the overall quality of the internet."

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