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ISP Téolis has begun operations in Togo

Togo , 06 Mar 2018

ISP Téolis has begun operations in Togo

French ISP Téolis has commenced with operations in Togo and is providing internet access in Lomé, nine months after it secured a license from the Togolese government.

The company's services are expected to be available nationwide in the second half of the year once its public and residential network is officially launched.

Management is looking to gain early traction and establish the company as an operator of choice.

"We are counting on tailored offers according to the budget and the available need, we are also planning to deploy an aggressive marketing strategy," Téolis said in a statement.

The company said it is starting with the provision of mobile and wireless with point-to-point and point-to-multipoint technology from RADWIN, a wireless broadband hardware manufacturing company that develops and creates wireless point-to-point, wireless point-to-multipoint and wireless mobility solutions.

With the arrival of Téolis on the telecoms scene in Togo, the number of local operators has increased to 11 according to the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Post (Arcep).

The country's most recent figures showed an internet penetration of 38.6% and 4,387,365 internet subscribers, largely dominated by mobile internet (99.34%) while access providers only account for 0.66% of the market.

While awarding ISP license to Téolis on 7 June 2017, Cina Lawson, Togo's Minister of Posts and the Digital Economy said the firm had been granted nine to the two new operators to deploy their infrastructure and start marketing offers.

Teolis will be offering FH/LTE technology to large companies, individuals and SMEs.

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