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Telkom Kenya re-launches with competitive 4G data plans

Kenya , 07 Jun 2017

Telkom Kenya re-launches with competitive 4G data plans

Telkom Kenya has unveiled its new brand and new products to in a bid to capture more market share, almost a year after Helios acquired 60% of the company following the Orange exit.

"Since then we have been on a journey to turn Telkom Kenya into an innovative and successful Kenyan brand, offering a full suite of services that cut across the telecom industry in Kenya," said Aldo Mareuse, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Telkom Kenya.

Mareuse said that although the company had great infrastructure development and customer base, it had not achieved its full potential and was "a sleeping giant."

"But in the last 12 months we have worked hard to turn the business around, make it more efficient, and prepare it for the future. Today the giant is awake," he announced.

The company has shed its predominantly orange colour and embraced a light blue brand with a youthful logo, in recognition of its biggest target audience.

It also announced its 4G data plans to compete with Safaricom's BigBox. Telkom Kenya will be offering home data plans priced at Kshs 500 (US$5) for a 3GB data bundle to Kshs 6,000 (US$60) for 100GB data bundle.

For Safaricom's BigBox, the 5GB data bundle costs Kshs 1,200 (US$12) while 30GB costs Kshs 6,000 (US$60).

On sales Mareuse said that the company would be increasing the agent partners and doubling their Telkom shops to intensify the engagement with the distributors.

Mareuse said that Telkom Kenya had already invested Kshs 5 billion in network infrastructure expansion and now has 1600 sites nationally. It will continue to add more sites to reach new clients. New LTE services will be available over nine towns in Kenya.

The company has also overhauled their Orange Money product, but Mareuse promises a disruptive and flexible product in the near future.

"We've also reorganised the business units into three: mobile, enterprise carrier services and mobile financial services to make us focused, accountable and responsible," said Mareuse. "Finally we strengthened our management team with people with a strong track record across the telecom industry."

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