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Uganda to supplement optic fibre using satellite internet

Uganda , 18 Sep 2017

Uganda to supplement optic fibre using satellite internet

The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) plans to expand internet access by leveraging satellite to supplement optical fibre.

Authorities have confirmed that testing will begin in November.

UCC Director General Godfrey Mutabazi said the government has been working on the satellite Internet access project for several months in conjunction with the International Telecommunication Satellite Organisation (ITSO) and several private companies.

Mutabazi said the project is now ready to be tested and this will be carried out in several territories across the country starting with the city of Karamoja.

"The objective of this operation is to evaluate the effectiveness of this solution, which could then be adopted to supplement optical fibre access, which is still poorly available throughout the country. The test will begin next November," Mutabazi said.

The DG said the test would allow the government and its partners to determine whether satellite internet can be adopted for commercial public usage in the country, a decision that is heavily dependent on cost.

"If the cost of the solution is good, the industry will adopt Internet via satellite and this will be the end of the problem of internet access in Uganda because, unlike satellites, optic fibre cables suffer a lot of damage, require routine maintenance and there is the risk of multiple duplicates," Mutabazi added.

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