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eBook: Adapting to change

Africa has long been a sleeping giant, but some areas of this vast continent are finally waking up to a new world enriched by technology. We want to be an actor of the region’s digital transformation journey, while also taking the opportunity to make a positive social impact, especially during times of disruption like the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Our business strategy goes hand in hand with our mission to improve the way people live and work, meaning that we want to do well by doing good.

In unprecedented times and through our expertise, support, financial flexibility and technology solutions, we want to assist in accelerating both business recovery and transformation. This means we plan to increase our African footprint over the next few years and become the preferred IT brand for our customers in every country on the continent. At the same time, we want to advance the way people live and work by reimagining what’s possible and accelerating what’s next.

This collection of thought leadership insights in this eBook serves to highlight the significant impact technologies such as hybrid cloud (a mixture of private and public cloud), intelligent edge and hyperconvergence solutions have or could have on the region. Moreover, it provides awareness of the fact that Africa is trying to unlock its full potential – even in the midst of uncertain times.

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