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The collapse of high touch industries and their disrupted business models

Many industries have collapsed up to 90% in recent months - reengineering business models for survival being the only way forward

The isolation economy is a new challenge facing the world. The world has swiftly moved from high touch and low tech, to low touch and high tech. Employment in the service industry has not recovered and won't likely do so for at least the next four years. In the next Nutanix Connect webinar on 14 October, attendees will be provided with a broad overview of the challenges this new environment presents, and how it’s recommended that firms reengineer their business models for long-term survival.

The session will be hosted by Professor Herman Singh, the CEO of Future Advisory, adjunct professor at the UCT Graduate School of Business, and key thought leader, who will be joined by Craigh Stuart, Systems Engineering Manager SADC & WECA at Nutanix, and guest panellist, Thomas Pays, CEO of Ozow Pay.

The team will use this interactive virtual session to share their findings of companies who have mitigated and successfully adapted to these challenges both locally and globally. Attendees can expect a discussion on the recommended best practises and tips to meet these complexities and manage sustainably from within a business.

What the audience can expect from joining?

  • Understand the root causes of disruption and how leading firms have adapted.
  • Learn best practices and the root causes of failure, as well as how to strategically pivot.
  • Get a chance to discuss and ask questions about the future of business

"We have yet to see whether the service sector’s situation is going to recover to the way it was before and evaluate how many of these models will prove sustainable over time. Various models and strategies have been implemented with swiftness to respond to changing market conditions, while still meeting consumers' needs. Most notable of this change is the role technology has played – now at the core of all our consumer and business activities," said Prof. Singh.

"Building a tighter connection with clients with a lean operating model is vital, even though business owners are still grappling with these challenges themselves. The way consumers have responded in a low touch tech world has changed forever, with great losses in stock price and revenue, and industries altogether imploded. We've identified common learning points that we've seen help those on their digital plan to accelerate their growth, particularly in the channel, where we've seen digital interactions and communication approached very differently from before," shared Paul Ruinaard, Regional Sales Director at Nutanix Sub-Saharan Africa.

Click here to register for this insightful online event on 14 October at 13:00 – 14:00 PM, it's free.

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