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Liquid Telecom, Kymeta connect Africa's remote areas

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Africa , 19 Nov 2018

Liquid Telecom, Kymeta connect Africa's remote areas

Pan-African telecommunications company Liquid Telecom has partnered with global mobile satellite communications company, Kymeta, to deliver enhanced satellite mobile connectivity across Africa.

Headquartered in Washington, US, Kymeta provides seamless, always-connected mobile communications across satellite and cellular networks.

The company uses the Kymeta KyWay satellite terminal, backed by international patents and licences, to provide high throughput mobile communications in cars, trains, buses, trucks and boats.

As part of the master distribution agreement, announced at AfricaCom 2018, Kymeta's lightweight satellite communication systems will be integrated with Liquid Telecom's satellite connectivity.

This will provide high-speed bandwidth mobile Internet access to private and public sector organisations, in SA and throughout the continent, which would normally have difficulty accessing reliable, affordable Internet.

This modern satellite connectivity, according to Liquid Telecom, has the potential to enable new service innovations in remote parts of Africa, such as mobile medicine or healthcare vehicles, which will be able to deliver screening and remote diagnostics to isolated communities.

"This new strategic partnership between Liquid Telecom and Kymeta marks a disruptive moment in the evolution of very small aperture terminal (VSAT) services for the African continent," says Scott Mumford, group managing executive of satellite and VSAT at Liquid Telecom.

"By pairing the latest Liquid VSAT Internet platform with Kymeta's satellite terminals, the companies are bringing unrivalled connection quality, speed and availability to people on the move and in places that have never been connected before."

Liquid Telecom serves mobile operators, carriers, enterprise, media and content companies across 13 countries primarily in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa.

The Liquid Telecom and Kymeta distribution agreement, according to the companies, spans two key technologies: Liquid Telecom's VSAT, satellite broadband connectivity, which provides cost-effective, business speed broadband connectivity over VSAT around Africa; and the Kymeta electronically steered, flat panel satellite terminals, which address the need for lightweight communication systems.

The agreement will make it easier and more reliable for aerospace, maritime and ground transport customers to create new services and connections across isolated parts of SA, notes Liquid Telecom.

"This new satellite mobility partnership offers limitless opportunities for communication and collaboration in Africa," says Neville Meijers, chief commercial officer, Kymeta.

"This mass market broadband platform can be deployed quickly and easily without skilled personnel, delivering Gigabit connectivity anywhere."

In May, Liquid Telecom announced a strategic partnership with China Telecom Global aimed at enabling the companies to serve enterprise and wholesale customers with extended network coverage in Africa and China.

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