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Tunisia preps for 5G

Tunisia , 29 Apr 2019

Tunisia preps for 5G

Tunisian telecommunications regulator Instance Nationale des Telecommunications (INTT) has confirmed it is carrying out a study to determine local market demand for- and implications of 5G.

Speaking at a regional forum on emerging technologies, Lassaad Hamzaoui, INTT President said the international tender for the completion of the study was launched in March and ended on 5 April.

He added that the objective behind the research was to ensure the country could quickly appropriate 5G to "remain current with developments in the regional and international technology market."

Late December 2018, Anouar Maarouf, Tunisia's Minister of ICT and Digital Economy announced 5G licenses could be available by 2021.

"At the global level and according to estimations, the 5G can provide €11,300 billion to the global economy in 2035, he said.

Speaking at a workshop on 5G and innovation organised by Tunisia's national spectrum agency, Maarouf said when 5G becomes available, the government would facilitate license acquisition by allowing the spread of payment over time.

"We should prepare ourselves for this new phase, notably the spectrum, without which the 5G would not exist. There is a favourable ground for innovation and investments in Tunisia, notably after the enactment of the law on start-ups, especially as they need an efficient and modern network to develop their innovative solutions."

For their part, operators in Tunisia are already testing their technical capacities to support the 5G.

In May 2018 Tunisie Télécom and Huawei tested 5G in Tunis, successfully reaching a download speed of 638.66 Mbps.

The INTT said the final report from the study will be ready by September 2019.

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