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Huawei Marine completes WACS Upgrade II

By , ITWeb
Africa , 11 Feb 2019

Huawei Marine completes WACS Upgrade II

Huawei Marine has completed an upgrade – realising 32 100G wavelengths configured on West Africa Cable System (WACS).

According to, the network is described as "the longest optically amplified single fibre span stretching 11,500km from South Africa to Portugal."

The publication's post says WACS is the longest 100G submarine cable system in Africa and "has two network operation centres and 15 landing points in 14 countries spanning West Africa and Europe."

The article says that Flex Grid and Optical pass-through technologies were used to facilitate new technologies and high integration design concepts to meet high capacity demands.

"Optical pass-through transmission optimises the performance limit and minimises the system cost."

The publication quotes Ma Yanfeng, Vice President of Huawei Marine: "The WACS Consortium selected Huawei Marine to expand the system's capacity and looking once again to Huawei Marine verified our product solution capabilities, quality, and process improvement capabilities. We will continue to accumulate experience from the project and strive to improve connections between Africa and the world."

Ongoing deployment

In March 2018 Huawei Marine partnered with PCCW Global to construct the first submarine cable between Mauritius and Rodrigues Island.

The joint venture represented the 12th submarine cable system deployed by Huawei Marine in Africa.

Mike Constable, Chief Executive of Huawei Marine says the rollout of another submarine cable is a sign of confidence by the region in the company's expertise.

"We are excited by the PCCW Global partnership which will revolutionise the broadband infrastructure of Rodrigues by providing a step-change in high-speed internet connectivity and facilitate the growth of digital communications. This is the 12th submarine cable system we have deployed in the African region, which reinforces the confidence in our technology and robust network solutions to further enable the transformation of the region's digital economy."

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