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AFRINC, ATU commit to stable, robust internet in Africa

By , ITWeb’s Zambian correspondent.
Africa , 12 Feb 2021

The African Network Information Centre (AFRINIC) and the Africa Telecommunications Union (ATU) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to build a stable and robust internet in Africa.

The two organisations will collaborate on enhancing capacity of Africa regulators on IPv6 migration and internet performance measures at national levels.

The organisations said the agreement will go a long way in enhancing broadband availability uptake and affordability to increase access to broadband applications and services, including mobile technologies.

The agreement also emphasises the development and implementation of tools to measure internet performance.

AFRINIC and the ATU agree this is an important aspect of determining whether the internet speed provided is compliant with the speed value indicated in service level agreements.

According to a statement issued by AFRINIC, the partnership has been forged at a time when IPv4 is becoming increasingly burdened by the volume of internet-connected devices and emerging technologies, including the Internet of Things (IOT).

AFRINIC said the adoption of IPv6 in Africa is therefore vital for reliable and stable internet connectivity.

ATU secretary general John Omo said the agreement will benefit the everyday internet user, especially Africa’s youth.

“To the everyday internet user, this MoU has you at heart more than anyone else. To our youthful population in Africa, the resources we are channelling towards you today is the possibility of more efficient and secure connectivity,” said Omo.

AFRINIC CEO Eddy Kayihura added: “The future of internet in Africa remains full of endless opportunities. This collaboration will pave the way for both ATU and AFRINIC to work together towards a more reliable, accessible, affordable and resilient internet to support the digital transformation on the continent.”

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