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Telco, bank in VSAT alliance to boost internet connectivity in Botswana

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Botswana , 29 Jun 2018

Telco, bank in VSAT alliance to boost internet connectivity in Botswana

Pan-African telecoms operator Paratus Botswana and Bank Gaborone have announced a new partnership for Internet via satellite (VSAT) finance options in the country.

As a result, locals can apply for the financing through Bank Gaborone's Vehicle and Asset Finance division.

Francois Saunders, Head of Retail Banking at Bank Gaborone, said collaboration with Paratus will help users establish satellite connection using a two-way ground station with a small dish antenna from even the most remote locations.

Bank Gaborone says it offers finance options for the implementation fees and equipment, as well as the first year of connectivity with payments spread evenly over the term.

Shawn Bruwer, Managing Director at Paratus Botswana says Paratus offers VSAT solutions throughout Sub-Saharan Africa with the inclusion of Botswana and that its products and services are delivered to more than 22 African countries overall.

"With Paratus VSAT solutions, we can connect any business in remote areas such as lodges, guest farms, construction sites and mines. All that the satellite terminal requires is power. Now, with Bank Gaborone's finance options, it is easier than ever to be connected," said Bruwer.

Paratus says that while traditional VSAT solutions are highly shared services, its solution is shared up to half as much and as a result the speeds are higher. Its offering includes multiple hubs where the customer connection terminates in order to reduce the time it takes for the connection to be made.

Paratus Botswana is owned by the Paratus Group which has its headquarters in Namibia's capital Windhoek.

The Group has previously announced that its total budget for Africa over the next 5 years, starting in 2018, is US$110-million - having achieved turnover of R1billion for 2017.

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