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Safaricom spearheads tech talent initiative in Kenya

Kenya , 28 Jul 2022
Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa.
Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa.

Safaricom has initiated an aggressive campaign to recruit local developers in Kenya and also launched a digital learning initiative to add depth to the country’s tech engineers skills pool.

Through its Digital Talent Program, Safaricom wants to increase skills capacity within several key areas, including UI/UX design; artificial intelligence and machine learning; IoT; Big Data and analytics; cyber security, cloud computing, Fintech, Robotics Process Automation and software engineering.

Over 30 technology partners have participated in the program, including Amazon Web Services, Oracle, Qualcomm, Huawei, Ministry of ICT, Kenya Private Sector Alliance, IBM, Google and Microsoft among others.

Peter Ndegwa, Safaricom PLC CEO said: “The digital talent program is in line with our purpose of transforming lives and vision to become a purpose-led technology company. Our ultimate objective is to position Kenya as the leading hub for tech talent in Africa.”

The lessons will be delivered both online and via partners with learning institutions.

Safaricom stated: “It will also involve hackathons, fireside chats, guest lecture sessions, incubation, career fairs, annual awards, curriculum reviews, placements, and certifications, among others.”

Simon Chelugui, Cabinet Secretary - Ministry of Labour, said, “It has been observed that there is a number of youth with ICT-related certificates who do not possess the skills and competencies required by the employer. Therefore, it is important for us as an industry and sector to push for digital penetration and come up with training and upskilling institutes to support those who are willing to be trained.”

Safaricom recently recruited over 400 software developers to improve all its products, according to local media reports.

In its Annual Report 2022, Safaricom said that 70% of its employees have completed at least one future skills course in Safaricom Business School and instructor-led training in agile, cybersecurity and data science analytics.

The report added that over the last year, approximately 148 employees were also trained in machine learning; cloud computing, IOT, cyber security, network technologies, 5G, DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering, Robotic Process Automation, mobile applications and web development.

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