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Glocall Telecoms plans to deploy 4G in Somalia

Somalia , 19 Mar 2014

Glocall Telecoms plans to deploy 4G in Somalia

East African nation Somalia is set to become the next African country to launch a 4G/LTE (long term evolution) network in that country's capital city, Mogadishu.

Global voice, data and carrier solutions provider Glocall Telecom LLC announced that it plans to set up a 4G network in Somalia.

The US based company plans to partner with broadband company, Tazca Connects, to help businesses, schools and homes connect to a fast and reliable internet connection.

Tazca Connects will take care of the hardware infrastructure while Glocall will provide the service, a statement has revealed.

“Deploying 4G LTE with Tazca Connects will accelerate global connectivity in Somalia and provide new opportunities to stimulate socio economic growth by increasing access to information and rich content services," Mobeen Bhamjee, Glocall Telecoms' chief executive officer said.

Michael Sisto, vice president of sales at Tazca Connects added, "Our partnership in Somalia demonstrates that powerful software combined with a powerful vision can connect people anywhere on Earth with cost-effective, carrier-grade LTE services."

"We are pleased to illustrate that, with Tazca, the economic and social benefits of expanding Internet access can become an affordable reality in any community," said Sisto.

This announcement comes after months of telecom disruption by the al Shabab terrorist group. In January the terrorist group warned telecom companies that they would face 'consequences' if they do not discontinue their internet services. Weeks later Hormud, one of the largest telecom companies in the country discontinued their internet service.

Although the disruptions were experienced in various parts of the country such as Kismayo and not the entire country, the 'ban' could still cause jitters in the industry.

Due to lack of regulation, the telecom landscape in Somalia has been described as a vibrant industry with an almost 'free-for-all' notion. Somalia's mobile penetration as at the end of 2013 stood at 52%, according to BuddeComm research.

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