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MTC selects CSG to drive its transformation

Namibian mobile operator Mobile Telecommunications Ltd. (MTC) has selected enterprise software solutions provider CSG to lead its business transformation efforts.

The companies have committed to a five-year deal whereby CSG will deliver "an agile, future-proof technology stack" that provides personalised customer experiences across multiple devices and channels.

The solution will specifically address customer management, billing, product catalog, order management, inventory, resource management, enterprise service bus (ESB), activation, roaming and document management.

The companies say the solution will enable MTC to launch and monetise new services faster, deliver enhanced customer experiences, and reduce time to market for new offers.

James Kirby, Senior Vice President & Head of EMEA at CSG.
James Kirby, Senior Vice President & Head of EMEA at CSG.

James Kirby, Senior Vice President & Head of EMEA at CSG said: “MTC’s leadership and innovation is helping drive the next generation of mobile experiences in Namibia. This is a vital transformation period for mobile operators aiming to stay competitive in convergent and disruptive markets. We are honored to partner with MTC to provide a cost-effective end-to-end solution that is fine-tuned for their omni-channel, mobile customer base.”

MTC Corporate Affairs Manager John Ekongo added: “While priding ourselves as the best digital enabler that meets customer needs, it remains our vision to keep improving the lives of our customers through innovative digital solutions and we trust CSG will assist us in doing just that.”

Kirby said of the five-year deal that the next-generation end-to-end omni-channel solution would bolster MTC’s billing and customer care.

“The future-proof nature of CSG’s solution and ability to offer personalised customer experiences across multiple devices and channels was integral to being selected by MTC. CSG’s long-standing and strong presence in the region also played a role behind our selection.”

He added that CSG will work with the MTC executive team to grow their business by improving customer experience, improving average revenue per user (ARPU), developing new revenue streams and reducing time to market for new consumer offerings.

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