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Liquid repositions as Liquid Intelligent Technologies

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Africa , 15 Mar 2021
Nic Rudnick, group CEO of Liquid Telecom.
Nic Rudnick, group CEO of Liquid Telecom.

Liquid Telecom has been rebranded as Liquid Intelligent Technologies (LIT), the telecommunications company announced today.

LIT will provide a new layer of cyber security, cloud, compute and other tech services to customers, leveraging its established networks and telecommunications infrastructure.

Liquid was first launched as a satellite company. From there it developed into a fibre network services provider and then into its current position as a telecommunications and connectivity services provider.

The ambition now is to utilise its network infrastructure to centralise and roll out digital services that speak to transformation needs of developing markets and empower businesses to effectively service their own clients.

Speaking during at virtual media announcement, Group CEO Nic Rudnick said the move is the next logical step in the growth of the company.

“It is about transforming our continent, it is about connecting people… today it is not only about connectivity, it is about having the power, resources and technology to put this connectivity into your hands.”

“The next stage of our journey will take us on to the development of technology and the cloud and high compute services that we now overlay over the infrastructure and will now be made available to our end users… Really an exciting tool that for our customers to use to reimagine their businesses and utilise technology to bring new products and services and connect to their customers in a whole new way.”

Rudnick added: “We know that the way our customers interact with themselves, with their own staff members, with their own employees, but also in future with their customers will now all be on a digital platform. And it is those tools that we are bringing directly into the hands of our customers, utilising the combined infrastructure of our network, of our datacentres, of our relationships with the cloud providers like Microsoft.”

Ahmad Mokhles, Group Chief Operations Officer, said that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation and the timing of the introduction of LIT is “a perfect match” to assist businesses in this technology transformation.

Management has confirmed the completion of a 5000km digital fibre network in DRC and progress on the launch of a datacentre in Nigeria.

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