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Zambian police issue ATM crime warning

By , ITWeb’s Zambian correspondent.
Zambia , 24 Dec 2013

Zambian police issue ATM crime warning

Zambian police have issued an alert warning citizens that Zambia has become infested with foreign ATM fraudsters that have entered the country through various entry points.

The inspector general of Zambia’s police service Stella Libongani said the fraudsters are being sent by people outside Zambia and are using several devices to defraud people.

Libongani warned those making cash withdrawals from ATMs must be mindful of suspicious looking people idling at such places and report them to the police or bank personnel.

She said the number of foreign ATM fraudsters arrested so far has gone to five with more arrests expected.

According to police, millions of dollars have been stolen from banks using ATMs by the fraudsters.

Police further expect more thefts during the festival season.

“In the past two weeks, we have managed to arrest five people in connection with ATM frauds which the banking sector has been experiencing in the recent past,” Libongani said.

She said all those arrested were foreigners who have confessed to being sent by minders outside of Zambia. There are also fears that Zambians are being trained on cybercrime by the fraudsters.

However, she said the police have put in place security measures to ensure security for those using ATMs and the general public throughout the country.

Last week, Zambian police arrested a Kenyan and Bolivian gang who entered Zambia on December 9 through the Nakonde border post using a Kenyan registered vehicle while attempting to plant their scheming devices on ATMs.

Libongani said two more Bolivians have been arrested while attempting to steal money on ATMs.

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