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Paratus Zambia to host Lusaka Internet Exchange

The two parties say the move will improve internet service quality in Zambia, thus boosting digital innovation and economic growth potential.
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Capitec’s digital transactions balloon in six months

According to the bank, digital transaction volumes climbed by 21% in six months to 957 million, with the banking app accounting for 83% of these transactions.

AUTO24 launches pre-owned car marketplace in four new markets

The platform is expanding its footprint and offering features currently not available in those markets.

Flutterwave launches engineering programme in India

The company is working together with Capgemini's tech talent in Bangalore to explore industry best practises and groom the next-generation workforce.
20 Sep

Uganda insurtech Turaco arrives in Ghana, takes aim at SMMES

Turaco's operational markets have now increased to four--Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, and Ghana--and active policies have surged by 25%.

Seedstars, IOE seek start-ups with migration tech solutions

To be eligible, start-ups must have a tested minimum viable product with early traction, and offer solutions to businesses or governments.
19 Sep

SA’s Axiz broadens reach into Madagascar

According to Axiz, this is a strategic step in response to the country's expanding demand for digital solutions.