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  • Obsidian partners with Stratus to strengthen edge computing offering
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Obsidian partners with Stratus to strengthen edge computing offering

The Stratus ztC edge platform.
The Stratus ztC edge platform.

Obsidian Systems, a supplier of open source software solutions, is excited about its partnership with Stratus Technologies, a global leader in edge computing platforms, to deliver the Stratus ztC ruggedised design edge platform, a first in the industry that combines built-in virtualisation and fault tolerance, to the African market.

Designed for both operational technology (OT) and IT, ztC Edge is easy to deploy and secure, easy to manage either locally or remotely, and easy to maintain and service. The platform is self-monitoring, self-protecting, and self-synchronising to significantly reduce unplanned downtime and ensure continuous availability of business-critical applications. It features automated protection, industrial interoperability, OT manageability, and field serviceability.

The ztC enables the rapid and efficient delivery of reliable business-critical applications in remote, understaffed locations at the edge of corporate networks. It is designed to help companies increase productivity, while minimising the potential risk of downtime. Having built-in virtualisation means that companies can consolidate multiple applications onto a single platform to reduce cost while increasing their agility.

It integrates a host-based firewall, restricted USB ports, role-based access controls with Active Directory, secure communications protocols, and secure and trusted boot to minimise the security exposure of a company. Considering the ztC platform supports common OT and IT protocols, it can plug into existing industrial automation environments rapidly and effectively.

Shipping standard with the ztC Edge Console, system and software management is greatly simplified. With it, administrators can remotely access their systems, set thresholds and alerts, check for updates, backup and restore system settings and preferences, and easily manage their VMs.

“The edge is increasing in importance as companies look to extract insights from data as close to the point of capture as possible. However, managing edge devices is complex especially when it comes to geographically dispersed remote areas. Security and downtime become significant concerns. The Stratus ztC edge platform addresses these critical issues with an automated way to enhance the existing device footprint of an organisation.

We are looking forward to distributing the ztC throughout the continent that is ideally positioned to benefit from its potential for ruggedised edge environments,” says Muggie van Staden, MD of Obsidian Systems.

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