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Africa Data Centres partners IXPN to reinforce Nigeria interests

By , ITWeb
Africa , Nigeria , 12 Sep 2022

Africa Data Centres has partnered with Nigeria’s principle internet exchange point IXPN to bolster local connectivity and service delivery.

The companies have united based on the premise that effective cloud services cannot be implemented without stable internet access and robust, reliable datacentres.

According to the partners, IXPN brings internet peering to the table, and the datacentre provider delivers the local ecosystem for customers.

IXPN allows local content and service providers to connect directly for the exchange of local internet traffic rather than having their data travel long distances.

Its value proposition is to increase the speed with which end users can access online resources by bringing the content closer to the customer, resulting in significant improvements in business efficiency.

IXPN CEO Muhammed Rudman said: "We are excited to partner with Africa Data Centres towards providing an additional point of presence to our members within the new Eko Atlantic City. Our partnership with Africa Data Centres provides our members with access to more peering facilities, particularly in Lagos, which will significantly improve connection performance, lower bandwidth costs, and lower latency for Nigerian internet traffic.”

Dr Angus Hay - Africa Data Centres group executive: IT & partnerships, added: “IXPN is unquestionably the leading internet exchange point in Nigeria and provides Africa Data Centres with the connectivity it needs to give customers market-leading service. The partnership will enable Nigerian entities to migrate their systems into a world-class data centre with total confidence, knowing they will have access to a highly available, secure, and connected ecosystem of strategic partners."

The partners assert that in the digital economy, enterprises are migrating to the cloud and internet-centric technology, but find the expenses associated with operating their infrastructure (including backup generators and physical security) too high.

"Organisations are moving away from their on-premises equipment to promote greater business agility and scalability. To do this, they need a trusted specialist provider to house their systems but, as well as a colocation provider, who can (also) assume the role of a trusted partner, and provide excellent local and international connectivity," said Hay.

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