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New alliance looks to overtake competition in Cameroon’s ride-hailing market

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Cameroon , 15 Aug 2022
Patrick Timani, CEO/Co-founder of Bee Group, and Didier Theze, Cameroon Country Manager at Yango.
Patrick Timani, CEO/Co-founder of Bee Group, and Didier Theze, Cameroon Country Manager at Yango.

From Cameroon, Yango, the Russian ride hailing, delivery and e-grocery service, has entered into a strategic agreement with mobility focused start-up Bee Group to transform the country’s transport sector.

Cameroon has a burgeoning ride-hailing market and features several competitors including Gozem, Easy Ride, ElmoRide, and Mboa Taxi, amongst others.

Yanga and Bee Group are data service providers and their transportation services are provided by third parties.

According to the partnership, Yango will leverage Bee Group’s fleet of motorbikes to offer the e-hailing service in the economic capital Douala.

The arrangement will also enable Bee Group users to order Yango cars on the Bee platform, while Yango subscribers can order Bee motorcycles on the Yango platform.

Yango plans to use its unique smart mapping, routing and navigation systems to bolster its transport service.

Patrick Timani, CEO/Co-founder of Bee Group said: “Motorcycle is one of the most popular modes of transport in Cameroon and other French-speaking countries, but the motorcycle transport sector is not organised. We believe that we can make a big change by offering a new, modern service that would make motorcycle transport convenient and comfortable. We are pleased to partner with Yango, an international service, to give all Cameroonians the opportunity to arrive at their destinations on time and safely.”

Bee was established in Cameroon in 2020 and Yango entered the Cameroonian market in 2021.

Didier Theze, Cameroon Country Manager at Yango, said, “Since January, we have multiplied by five the number of trips, and the number of our partner drivers has multiplied by four. I am very happy that today we have signed this agreement with Bee, and I hope that in combining our efforts and our know-how, we will obtain better results.”

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