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  • Arbor Cloud and Pravail Availability Protection System Revolutionize Enterprise DDoS Defense
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Arbor Cloud and Pravail Availability Protection System Revolutionize Enterprise DDoS Defense

Premier DDoS Defense for the World's Most Complex & Demanding Networks* Accelerated Cloud Mitigation Response Time* Enhanced Protection Against On-Premise DDoS & Complex Attack Campaigns* On-box, Performance-Enhanced SSL Inspection* Integrated Console to Unify Visibility for On-Premise and Cloud Environments

Arbor Networks, Inc., a leading provider of DDoS and advanced threat protection solutions for enterprise and service provider networks, today announced significant enhancements to both the on-premise and cloud components of the industry's most advanced hybrid DDoS defense.

The impact of a DDoS attack is not the same for every organization. If you operate a global network, or one in which Web and application availability is a necessity for your employees, customers and supply chain partners, Arbor CloudSM is your solution.  With DDoS protection from Arbor Cloud and the Pravail Availability Protection System, enterprises can deploy best-practices defense in a single solution, with tightly integrated mitigation from the enterprise premise to the cloud. Arbor Cloud's hybrid defense protects enterprises against a wide spectrum of DDoS attacks, including volumetric, application-layer, state-exhaustion (e.g. targeting firewall/IPS), blended and multi-vector DDoS attacks. The ease of use of the on-premise Pravail solution enables existing enterprise IT staff to maintain control of the mitigation, and gives them the ability to quickly alert the cloud when attacks reach a certain size that cannot be blocked locally.

"Arbor Networks has more experience than anyone on the planet in fighting DDoS attacks for complex and demanding networks. We've taken everything we've learned since 2000 and poured it into Arbor Cloud, making it the premier DDoS protection service for those organizations that absolutely must ensure the availability of their networks, services and applications. Our technology is proven, reliable and highly scalable, infused with cutting edge research and backed by a world-class service and support organization that is absolutely committed to do whatever it takes to keep customer networks up and running," said Arbor Networks President Matthew Moynahan.

Arbor Cloud & Pravail On-Premise Enhancements

Accelerated Cloud SignalingSM that Delivers the Fastest Time to Mitigation

A leading cause of network downtime is how quickly a cloud-based provider of DDoS protection can respond and initiate mitigation when the attacks are too big for on-premise solutions to handle on their own. Arbor has reduced time to mitigation to as little as five seconds. Cloud Signaling automates the connection between the on-premise Pravail solution and Arbor mitigation equipment in the Cloud.  A cloud signal can be pre-set and trigger automatically when links reach a certain saturation point, or they can be done manually. This tight integration is the best way to ensure the availability of critical network resources. Arbor Cloud deploys cutting edge software releases to take advantage of the latest innovations in cloud signaling as they are developed.

Built-in SSL Inspection to Block Encrypted Attacks

As the Internet evolves to increasingly rely on SSL encryption, DDoS attacks have also evolved to encrypt the malicious traffic and evade defenses. The Pravail Availability Protection System now includes an optional on-box SSL acceleration card to deliver an integrated, one-appliance solution to inspect encrypted traffic for DDoS threats. DDoS attacks are blocked in real time as normal traffic passes uninterrupted – all without forcing changes to existing network and application infrastructure.

Integrated Console to Manage Appliances and Cloud Signaling

Arbor now delivers a consolidated user interface to manage the full set up, configuration, forensics and Cloud Signaling across large deployments of the Pravail Availability Protection System.  

Enhanced DDoS & Malware Threat Detection

Arbor's Security Engineering & Response Team (ASERT) is one of the largest dedicated research organizations in the security industry, combining 20+ security analysts with a diverse set of expertise, including Fortune 25 Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) to former law enforcement, threat mitigation vendors and well-known malware researchers. ASERT is the only security research group with access to the ATLAS threat monitoring infrastructure to identify threats and global trends as they evolve on the Internet. Viewing the attack landscape with this security lens, and utilizing custom tools for malware indexing and botnet simulation, ASERT develops threat intelligence for customers, complete with the security context required to detect and stop specific threats, and continuously enhance their security posture over time. The Pravail Availability Protection System now includes the following threat protections delivered as part of the ATLAS Intelligence Feed:

* Inbound Reputation-based DDoS Protection: The Pravail Availability Protection System now includes expanded DDoS defenses backed by the global threat intelligence of ATLAS and reputation-based research from ASERT. In-depth analysis expands the breadth of detection and blocking of various types of availability attacks based on the source of the traffic participating in known DDoS attacks.

* Inbound and Outbound Advanced Threat Protection: Organizations need a way to stop threat communications in order to protect internal systems from being compromised. The Pravail Availability Protection System now applies global threat intelligence of ATLAS and reputation-based research from ASERT to block both inbound and outbound threats via domain and IP reputation.

Supporting Quotes:

Frost & Sullivan, senior industry analyst, Chris Rodriguez

"Application-layer attacks may not get the headlines of today's massive NTP attacks, but they are every bit as dangerous for any enterprise. At Frost & Sullivan, we strongly recommend a hybrid DDoS defense which combines on-premise and cloud-based protections. Arbor Cloud delivers such a multi-layer defense and it is backed by Arbor's decade plus experience and leverages Arbor's best-in-class technology on both ends, on-premise and in the cloud. Any organization with a critical need for high availability should consider Arbor Cloud."

IDC research manager for security products, John Grady

"Arbor remains focused on innovation and adapting to the changing threat landscape. Their ASERT team has unique insight into threats via Arbor's ATLAS infrastructure. While historically focused on botnets for DDoS protection, Arbor has now added inbound and outbound protections against malware campaigns and advanced threats. The combination of ATLAS and ASERT continue to enhance the overall Arbor value proposition."

Infonetics Research principal analyst, Jeff Wilson

"Arbor Cloud has tight integration between the on-premise Pravail solution and the cloud and provides a single management, reporting, and forensics pane that enables the customer to stay in control of the mitigation at all times. Their solution should be considered a top choice for companies who operate complex global networks, and companies that have the most to lose when Web properties and applications are taken offline."

Ovum principal analyst, Andrew Kellett

"Arbor has been a leading player in the DDoS protection market since its inception, and innovations such as Arbor Cloud and Cloud Signaling are examples of how they stay ahead of the threats, and the competition. Arbor Cloud is taking the right approach to DDoS protection, delivering a tightly integrated multi-layer defense. For organizations that must maintain availability of critical web properties and applications, multi-layer defense is the best option. The improvements to Pravail on-premise, expanding its scope beyond DDoS to malware protections, is another step in the right direction as DDoS and other malware-based threats are often co-mingled into a single, multi-vector attack. Arbor continues to drive the market with innovative approaches to solving these increasingly complex problems."

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