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Safaricom to launch set top box service

Kenya , 05 May 2015

Safaricom to launch set top box service

Kenyan mobile operator Safaricom plans to enter into the video on demand content space with the launch of their new BOX service expected later this week.

For two years, the telecom company has been working on a product that will 'revolutionise' the industry and introduce boxes that are internet enabled and have video on demand service.

Safaricom's box set will take on triple play service provider Zuku, which offers internet, telephone and television service in one connection.

Another company set to face stiff competition is Able Wireless, a VOD service, which has had a hard time launching into the Kenyan market.

Zuku also plans to initiate a VOD service in Kenya and compete with South Africa's Multichoice, which already offers its subscribers video on demand service for popular movies and series.

The Safaricom’s Android enabled gadget is expected to retail for $40.

An earlier message from Safaricom to ITWeb Africa did not deny or confirm the launch of the set top box.

“Unfortunately we cannot comment on products or services we are yet to launch,” Safaricom responded to our question.

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