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Nigerian tech factories cash in on computer-manufacturing ban

By , ITWeb
Nigeria , 30 May 2012

Nigerian tech factories cash in on computer-manufacturing ban

Nigerian computer-manufacturing company Omatek expressed its readiness to meet the demand for services likely to emanate from the ban on the use of imported computers and other technology material in the country.

Recently, Nigeria banned imports of computers - with government saying the ban was to encourage patronage of ‘Made-in-Nigeria’ and foster growth in the local ICT industry.

Florence Seriki, managing director and chief executive officer of Omatek, said her company had the capacity to meet demand and following the ban its Consumer Scheme Finance has been fine-tuned.

“As a factory, we have several initiatives to enhance volume and to be able to meet the minimum order requirement from first class manufacturers in Asia,” said Seriki.

“We do have several consumer schemes for the purchasing of laptops by states, government establishments, tertiary and private secondary and corporate organisations and their staff based on our e-Xpress product scheme,” she said.

Omatek’s Consumer Scheme has run for more than four years and through the scheme, computers and notebooks are delivered to civil servants and the money is collected through a stop order within 24 months.

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