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Tech alliance to tackle digital gaps in Botswana schools

Botswana Fibre Networks (BoFiNet) has partnered with Huawei to address the digital gaps in schools and bolster e-Learning.

This is one of the main objectives of collaboration between the two companies, according to Pelani Siwawa-Ndai, BoFiNet Board Chairperson.

This after a donation of Huawei ICT infrastructure and internet connectivity to Gaborone Secondary School, one of the country’s oldest learning centres.

Huawei was approached by BoFiNet to serve as a technical partner in the installation of fibre optic network to homes in Gaborone.

The donation stems from this alliance.

“It is our hope that our partnership with Huawei Botswana will, henceforth, play a role in closing any digital gaps that may exist and accelerate e-learning at this school,” said Siwawa-Ndai, adding that the intention is to equip schools to help them respond to challenges brought about through COVID-19.

BoFiNet has established contractual agreements with partners that incorporate joint CSR projects.

“The contractual agreements carry an obligation for all our partners to commit and set aside a certain percentage of their funds towards a sustainable CSR project in the area in which they operate in,” said Siwawa-Ndai, adding that government will not be able to develop and improve the lives of communities single-handedly.

“It is incumbent upon companies operating in Botswana to play a key role in the development of communities within which they operate, in an effort to drive social change and impact the livelihoods of Batswana,” she said.

Huawei’s donation comes at a time the country is witnessing an increase in the uptake of internet across the country due to e-learning and working from home.  

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