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SAS fraud detection training for Nigerian financial institutions

Nigeria , 04 Nov 2013

SAS fraud detection training for Nigerian financial institutions

Global business analytics, software and services firm SAS Institute plans to train technology personnel at financial institutions in Nigeria on fraud detection.

The training sessions, which the company will hold in partnership with West African IT company, Resourcery Plc, is planned to be held on Friday in Lagos.

The session is expected to provide the heads of compliance, internal control, risk management and information technology departments an opportunity to explore how SAS can help them to not only detect financial crimes but also prevent fraud.

Speaking about the upcoming event, SAS sales director, sub-Saharan Africa, Edward Sungura, said participants at the session are specifically set to learn how to build and use holistic customer behavioral patterns in the fraud-detection process.

“Participants would also be able to gain a true enterprise view of fraud by aggregation alerts from multiple systems into a single environment.Most importantly, they will learn how to increase their organisation’s return on investment through fewer false positives and more accurate investigations,” he said.

“Unless compliance, internal control, customers’ data and IT managers trust their data, every operational process, report and decision will lower their confidence in the decisions they make based on that information,” he said.

“Whether it is a mainframe, relational database, enterprise application or big data, only high-quality data can determine if the system is useful. With technology built on data quality, attendees would see how they can stop reacting to bad data and start using quality data to make a difference,” he added.

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