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Nigeria’s Globacom unveils international top-up cards

By , ITWeb
Nigeria , 12 Jul 2012

Nigeria’s Globacom unveils international top-up cards

Nigerian telecommunications company, Globacom, has unveiled international top-up cards, which allow subscribers to recharge instantly while roaming abroad.

With the top-up card customers can also receive instant airtime from friends and family overseas, according to Globacom.

Making top-up cards available to consumers could further improve the connection between Nigerians in the diaspora and their loved ones, said Adewale Sangowawa, executive director, Globacom.

“We are excited that Glo subscribers who are roaming abroad can now easily pick up top-up cards and recharge their phones,” said Sangowana.

"All they need to do is to buy the cards at the nearest retail store or recharge online,” he added.

The company said the Nigerian community in North America and Europe, which is estimated at over five million, can get instant access to Glo international mobile top-up cards through its extensive retail distribution network in these countries.

It added that the top-ups can be bought at Point of Sales (PoS) terminals, retail stores and online through the ‘TransferTo’ website which instantly transfers credit directly to the phone of the subscriber.

Sangowawa further said that with over 350 roaming partners in 165 countries worldwide, including UK, US, France, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, India and China, the company’s prepaid roaming footprint had spread to over 50 destinations worldwide.

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