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Microsoft sets out to train journalists on new media

Nigeria , 29 Nov 2013

Microsoft sets out to train journalists on new media

Software technology firm Microsoft is offering training to more than 50 Nigerian journalists on using emerging new technology to enhance their jobs.

The exercise, which journalists drawn from electronic, print and online media organisations are attending, is conducted in partnership with Ha-Shem Network Services.

Speaking at the first session of the training in Lagos Professor Lai Oso, a lecturer at the University of Lagos, said that the evolution of information and communications technologies are critical trends that must not be neglected by the present day local journalists.

He said that the arrival of information technologies has changed the mass communication landscape and news reporting in particular by ditching the traditional channels and tools of operation.

Oso noted that mobile technologies and other communication gadgets in the hands of the audience made the works of the trained journalists more challenging hence the journalists must capture the “new behind the facts” to update the tech-savvy readers and viewers alike.

“There is also audience convergence, where they discuss stories published online or printed out. It beholds on the reporter to outsmart them by critically analysing data and facts as they emerge,” he added.

He encouraged the participants to acquire multiple skills to remain relevant and active in the ever dynamic field.

Abiodun Ogunjobi, marketing manager at Ha-Shem Network Services, described the training as timely and added that present day journalists must cross-check facts and figures to educate the audience and to avoid libel related matters.

He advised practitioners to make use of various channels and websites that are rampant and ridden with educational material to update their knowledge in the field.

Meanwhile, speaking on cloud computing, Bamikole Ajayi, partner technology advisor at Microsoft Anglophone West Africa said with cloud solutions companies could improve their efficiency which could further result in saving 80% of the cost of managing IT hardware.

According to him, cloud platforms were credible ways to ensure interoperability with on-premise infrastructure and legacy operating systems.

He added that virtual machines can be moved between both platforms with unimaginable ease at any point in time.

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