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  • Vusela Risk Services invests in SAP Business One, from 4Most, to align with upward trajectory
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Vusela Risk Services invests in SAP Business One, from 4Most, to align with upward trajectory

Tighter integration, a single consolidated view of data and enhanced business insights

Vusela Risk Services specialises in the provision of intelligence driven risk management services to multinational companies, financial institutions and private clients operating in Africa. Its objective is to offer its clients seamless solutions for asset protection in high risk political and security environments.

Dirk du Plooy, COO, Vusela Risk Services.
Dirk du Plooy, COO, Vusela Risk Services.

“We develop security solutions that combine human, electronic and operational measures and integrate these solutions with current technology to arrive at an unobtrusive yet effective security programme,” says Dirk du Plooy, COO, Vusela Risk Services.

Together with its well-established intelligence networks, operationally tested cyber analysis tools, online intelligence software and highly skilled research teams, Vusela Risk Services is confident that it can provide any organisation within Africa with a solution on a sustainable strategic level.

Founded in 2008, Vusela Risk Services has gone from strength to strength, enjoying significant year-on-year growth. “We operate in a highly competitive industry,” continues du Plooy.

However, together with its experience, premium offering, delivery, service, reputation and footprint, the last 12 years has seen Vusela Risk Services cement its position within this dynamic sector.

Having transitioned from a small to medium sized enterprise, and poised for further continuous growth, Vusela Risk Services took the decision to review its internal technology infrastructure. “This was a key strategic decision,” continues du Plooy. “We needed to make 100% sure that our technology infrastructure was not only capable of supporting current requirements and business demands, but that it was as capable of evolving with us in alignment with future growth plans.”

With integration key, Vusela Risk Services set out to find a solution capable of integrating across all of its various departments and divisions. “We wanted a single and consolidated view of data across the entire company, in real-time,” stresses du Plooy.

This would provide Vusela Risk Services with access to the exact status of each and every facet of its growing business, providing the capability for timeous decisions and strategic alignment.

A review of potential options, that coincided with the appointment of a new financial executive with many years’ SAP experience, saw Vusela Risk Services confirm SAP Business One from 4most, a leading supplier and implementer of SAP Business One and ERP software technology, as its technology of choice.

“SAP Business One is highly flexible and able to tailor itself to specific requirements and environments,” says du Plooy.

Vusela Risk Services was in no doubt that the functionality provided rendered it a perfect fit for its strategic and operational requirements, capable not only of meeting the business where it finds itself today, but, as importantly, into the future as Vusela Risk Services continues to grow and shift in an ever changing marketplace.

Another determining factor was SAP’s profile in the marketplace. “If we look at the businesses we deal with, and the profile of many other SAP Business One customers, it is clearly evident that SAP Business One is a first choice for many,” adds du Plooy.

Complete integration across all areas of the business, access to real-time reporting, an up to date view of all sales efforts and marketing activity together with an enhanced analytical understanding of all financial aspects of the business, particularly with reference to the bottom line, are just some of the benefits Vusela Risk Services looks forward to post implementation. “And an even deeper and more holistic understanding of our clients, leading to improved communication and even greater enhancements to customer interaction and service delivery,” concludes du Plooy.

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