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Breaking free from traditional legacy systems: disrupting the contact centre industry

Redefining customer and employee experiences.
Redefining customer and employee experiences.

Traditional legacy systems, with their entangled infrastructures and exorbitant fees, have held businesses hostage for too long. Contact centres are tired of being burdened by disjointed systems with hefty price tags and bad customer and employee experiences. Smartz Solutions is the disruptor reshaping the contact centre landscape by redefining customer and employee experiences through a 360-degree experience platform.

Here’s why contact centers are held hostage; OEM agreements, annual renewals (in the millions) and a completely entrenched infrastructure that contact centres simply cannot untangle from. Smart Solutions developed a platform that does not require contact centers to rip and replace their systems, but rather phase them out. Through a cloud-agnostic, containerisation, no-risk strategy, contact centres can finally break free from the multiple slow, systems that have disparate data and bad experiences.

“We’ve been there. We paid for the legacy systems. We had 15 different systems running (at a snail's pace) concurrently to run our call centre. And we sure know what it’s like to have employee information in multiple systems; never showing the clear view of the business. That’s why Smartz Solutions was born.” - James Guthrie, Founder

With a razor-sharp focus on customer and employee experience, Smartz Solutions developed a Total Experience platform. A comprehensive omnichannel solution combined with all the aspects of an employee's lifecycle, Smartz Solutions connects the customer and agent in a 360-degree feedback loop with real-time data to make strategic decisions as they are needed.

Through the three pillars of Smartz Solutions’ offering, contact centres can finally focus on connecting the customer and employee experiences through unmatched real-time data, all on one platform.

The three pillars of the Total Experience platform from Smartz Solutions includes;

  • Commz: A comprehensive CCaaS platform designed to transform customer interactions. Integrating voice and omnichannel communication into one unified view, Commz offers businesses insights into the complete customer journey. With features like real-time sentiment analysis, direct links to performance metrics dashboards, and gamification, it not only enhances the customer experience but also empowers teams to excel. Through Commz, businesses can harness real-time feedback, making data-driven decisions to continually elevate their service offerings.
  • Engage: A robust employee engagement platform designed to support and elevate every phase of an employee's journey. From e-learning modules and multi-tiered quality assessments to efficient asset management, Engage ensures that workforce training and development are always at the forefront. The platform's in-depth features also focus on crucial operational aspects, including compliance, adherence, and time and attendance tracking. In essence, Engage provides businesses with the tools they need to foster a well-rounded, engaged, and high-performing workforce.
  • Analyz: A cutting-edge reporting and analytics platform that offers businesses the power to delve deep into their operational data in real time. With dynamic BI dashboards and intuitive caching capabilities, Analyz presents a detailed view of every interaction and conversation, allowing teams to seamlessly drill down to granular data points. It empowers businesses to cultivate insights, leading to a profound understanding of various business cases. Whether you're keen on enhancing customer experience (CX) or elevating employee experience (EX), Analyz integrates seamlessly with both Smartz Commz and Smartz Engage, providing comprehensive reports and dashboards. Plus, its robust historical reporting ensures that businesses have a holistic view of past performance, trends, and areas for improvement.

“We’ve crafted our platform with a singular vision: to seamlessly intertwine customer and employee journeys, ensuring unparalleled satisfaction at every touchpoint. Our suite is revolutionising the way our clients interact, analyse, and engage with customers and employees." - James Guthrie, Founder.

* Article first published on www.itweb.co.za

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