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Botswana signals fresh digital intent with radio comms regulation

The Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority (BOCRA) will no longer process manual applications for radio communications licences.

The Authority has urged customers to explore the web licence application function to submit new applications and/or submit applications for addition of new equipment to the existing licence.

BOCRA spokesperson Aaron Nyelesi, said the online self-service platform allows prospective and existing licensees to apply for licences remotely.

“BOCRA has only one office in the capital city Gaborone that services the entire country and the country is 582 000 square kilometres in area. Therefore some of the prospective licensees as well as holders for communications services licences, resides over 1000kms from BOCRA.

“To facilitate ease of access to licensing and licence renewals an online licence payment platform was introduced. The platform is expected to facilitate the ease of access for licensing services particularly during this period of the so-called new normal occasioned by the advent of COVID-19,” said Nyelesi.

The Security Association of Botswana (SAB) has applauded BOCRA for the initiative.

“We are in the fourth revolution, so people should do things online. As a country we should adjust and do more things online, under the new normal influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said SAB Chairman, Samuel Kelaotswe.

He added that the payment platform is in line with efforts to build a digital, ICT-based economy.

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