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Cassava Tech’s ADC unveils channel partner programme

By , ITWeb
Africa , 29 Apr 2024
Finhai Munzara, CFO of Africa Data Centres.
Finhai Munzara, CFO of Africa Data Centres.

Africa Data Centres (ADC), a Cassava Technologies business, has created a channel partner programme, ADC Channel.

The goal of this programme, according to ADC, is to strengthen colocation and ecosystem links, supporting partners in extending their product portfolio and offerings as well as their market presence, including an expanded data centre footprint.

The company says the ADC Channel provides an opportunity for global carriers, Internet service providers, system integrators, data centres, mobile networks, content developers, telecoms companies, network infrastructure operators, hyperscalers, and others to deliver sustainable and cost-effective digital solutions to their clients.

The fundamental goal of the programme, says the company, is to promote collaboration among partners through several different partnership and go-to-market models.

Finhai Munzara, CFO of Africa Data Centres, says: "Our facilities are designed with the needs of hyperscale, wholesale and enterprise clients in mind, catering to their technical, operational and commercial requirements.

“Whether it’s greenfield projects, built-to-suit facilities, powered shells, dedicated halls, or hybrid colocation, we offer flexible, scalable and sustainable solutions that suit partners of every kind."

ADC says the initiative allows clients to expand their existing portfolio and offer more products.

According to Munzara, this will also boosts customer revenue streams and positions them for future growth.

In addition, he says the company has developed ADC Marketplace, which he says, provides a platform for partners to showcase their services and for customers to explore different offerings.

According to ADC, partners will also benefit from lower attrition because colocation is a ‘sticky' commodity with minimal price erosion.

Further, it says partners will receive commercial and technical support, and regular, complimentary training for their sales and product teams, says the company. And participation in the programme needs no investment or capital expenditures for data centre construction, thus limiting a partner’s financial risk.

According to the company, partners can also benefit from flexibility in choosing their selling pricing and gain large upfront discounts, thereby increasing their competitive advantage.

Munzara says: “The programme prioritises mutual growth, leveraging Africa Data Centres' profound industry expertise and extensive infrastructure." 

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