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Training provider ALX offers sponsored tech programmes

By , ITWeb
Africa , 03 Mar 2023

Technology training provider ALX has launched four new tech programmes for 2023 to promote tech skills development.

The four programmes are Data Analytics, Data Science, Salesforce Administrator, AWS Cloud Practitioner, and will be added to new cohorts for its Software Engineering programme.

The ALX sponsored programmes comes on the calls to provide people with digital skills, as they’re a solution to reduce high unemployment rate and governmentsare now looking up to the tech sector to stave off youth joblessness.

Africa is the continent with the youngest population worldwide, and it is expected to have a workforce of 1.1 billion by 2035, surpassing that of China and India.

This is a concern for governments and industry leaders, and are now looking to create the next wave of big tech talent on the continent.

In the case of ALX, the courses it is offering are valued at between $7,500 - $39,750 in Africa, and $14,500 - $79,500 in Europe and North America, but in partnership with MasterCard Foundation, the company is offering eligible candidates access to these programmes at no cost.

“Investing in digital skills and innovation-driven learning is the best way to turn African potential into best-in-class excellence”, says ALX CEO and founder, Fred Swaniker.

“As an organisation that has produced thousands of software engineers and professionals in the digital and tech arena, we recognise and advocate for the immense potential of African countries to benefit from a growing demand for skilled labour in those sectors globally.”

According the company, the new programmes have been developed with the aim of expanding ALX’s growing “community of highly skilled professionals with qualifications that will keep evolving with the demands of the digital economy.”

It adds: “They have been designed in response to the global AI Revolution and the high demand for Data Scientists and Data Analysts, along with the drive to hire people with cloud computing skills, which has been recognised as the most in-demand hard skill in the tech market. The Salesforce ecosystem, meanwhile, is set to create more than 9 million jobs by 2026”.

Having enrolled over 100 000 students since it began scaling its career acceleration programmes in 2021, ALX says it now aims to build a new community of tech talent and invest in digital leaders that will power the future.

“Our goal is to transform the future of Africa by creating a new generation of agile digital leaders for the 21st century, enabling them to prepare, launch and grow their careers in high-growth industries,” concludes Swaniker.

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