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African youth to hack for digital healthcare solutions

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Africa , 19 May 2021

The Pan African Information Communication Technology Association (PAICTA) is gearing up to host the second instalment of its cross-border, co-ed virtual hackathon.

PAICTA says the inter-country hackathon, taking place from 28 to 30 May, is aligned to its mission of going beyond physical borders to create linkages and build realistic tech solutions.

Youth programmers from four African nations – SA, Ethiopia, Namibia and Zimbabwe – will come together virtually to create these linkages and code for Africa’s next tech solutions.

Held under the theme “Embracing the youth’s power through digital collaboration”, the aim of the hackathon is to give the youth from the four countries early exposure to the career and business opportunities being presented by the event, states PAICTA.

“The hackathon creates a structured and sustainable community that nurtures and empowers developers by providing and democratising access to knowledge, capital and mentorship.

“We are encouraging the industry to engage with their communities through PAICTA and source top tech talent, as the youth serves as drivers of innovation within their communities.”

Established last July, PAICTA defines itself as an organisation that seeks to advance the ICT pursuits of African SMMEs through the facilitation of an inclusive ecosystem that is conducive to their economic growth.

According to the association, the upcoming hackathon event will cover the topic of health and how tech solutions can help those with no access to healthcare.

In addition, PAICTA says healthcare experts will have roundtable discussions about the challenges and then oversee the hacking from the beginning, to the final award to the winners.

“The topic covered will give participants a good understanding of rural, peri-rural and township community challenges and how the digital solutions or applications will work in improving the lives of such communities in Africa. It will also cover current and future applications and how they are being implemented to change the communities to their benefit.”

PAICTA emphasises that participants will not only learn, but will have fun building solutions.

“The participants from the different countries will be put into teams that are mixed. No individuals from their country of birth are going to participate together.

“One of the objectives of the hackathon is to promote collaboration and build cross-border ecosystems.”

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